The Government recently announced £725 million in funding for 30 towns across the UK, to help boost local economies, helping them to recover from the pandemic.

The Government hope that the funding will help create jobs and new homes, upskill the local population, transform public spaces, create green transport links, whilst also revamping cultural and tourist attractions.

The Towns Deals span the country, and include historic towns such as Bedford, with the money setting out to help local economies grow, whilst creating new opportunities and reshaping the look and feel of areas.

It plans to transform neglected areas and unused buildings into vibrant spaces for businesses, community events or even new homes, whilst renovating attractions that need it.

The schemes focus on sustainability, with greener transport infrastructure such as cycle paths and pedestrian walkways hoping to connect areas in the greenest possible way.

Thousands of jobs are set to be created, with many towns investing in vocational training hubs to improve the skills of their local populations, which will also help support higher skilled and higher paid jobs too.

Communities secretary Rt Robert Jenrick MP said “We are levelling up towns and cities across the country by building stronger and more resilient local economies, boosting prosperity and opportunity in our communities, and helping them build back better from the pandemic.

Today I am announcing new town deals in 30 areas, backed by over £725 million investment from the Towns Fund. This will support locally-led projects to transform disused buildings and public spaces, deliver new green transport and create new opportunities for people to develop new skills. This is a boost for communities and businesses across England.”

Notable investments in the East of England include:

·      Bedford- £22.6 million

·      Corby- £19.9 million

·      Harlow- £23.7 million

·      King’s Lynn- £25 million

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