The property market is trying to come to terms with the radical changes which have enveloped the sector over the past few weeks.

It has happened so quickly and dramatically that it is difficult to second guess what the next calamity will be.

One thing that is for certain amongst the proverbial debris and carnage, is that the property sector will return, like a phoenix. The difficult bit is knowing when!

In an effort to kick start this process, UK Property Forums will continue to monitor the market for all activity by watching channels which remain active but also by speaking with sponsors and partners, starting to map the evidence of prosperity and activity across the market.

Through our three different platforms – Eastern Echo, London West and Thames Tap – we have the ability to talk to a wide cross-section of the property community and start to draw a snapshot of what is going on out there.

Please do continue to follow us and send us your stories and updates.

We know that life continues out there, maybe not quite as we knew it before, and things may at times seem illogical, but we hope you’ll agree our industry experts are definitely worth a read. 

Activity for us this week:

 Thames Tap published on Monday, March 30

 Eastern Echo published on Wednesday, April 1

 Recording of the Oxford – Cambridge Arc Podcast with Bidwells on Thursday, April 2*

 *This complements our previous two other podcasts which have covered the Reading Residential and Newbury West Berkshire market. Both can be found online here.  

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