In the space of what feels like just a few days, the world has changed beyond recognition. We are all speaking with a new diction and language as we grapple with a new set of rules which appear to change by the hour, as the Government reacts to the dreadful plague, COVID-19.

For the business community which craves consistency and transparency, this crisis, which has no obvious end, will create unforeseen problems. Whilst many of us can cope with a month or two of disruption, if it is four or five months, the situation becomes more mission critical and we will have to face up to unintended consequences.

The property community, by its very nature, has instructions and services which can stretch over longer periods of time. However, this so-called ‘goodwill’ will soon come to an end and companies will need to find work to find income to fill the inevitable voids that COVID-19 has created.

The challenge will be to create enough work for employees which allows companies to invoice their clients. When the world is falling off the edge of a proverbial cliff, these business issues may appear trite but in many ways are essential. 

But, when this is all over (and it will be) we will all need to get back to the ‘new’ norm as quickly as possible, in order to breathe life back into the property community.   

Newbury West Berkshire

Thames Tap is big into podcasts! We hope you enjoy the second in our series of topical podcasts as we enter this period of self-isolation. Following the cancellation of Newbury Social last Tuesday, we used the work and slides completed by Richard Valentine-Selsey to create a unique update on the Newbury West Berkshire market.

This podcast also has an update from Savills on the coronavirus and what it means for the property sector.  We have hosted it on four different platforms and are actively looking at carrying out more interviews. Maybe you have some ideas for a podcast. Why not send me your ideas? We can do it all remotely using the wonders of modern technology.   

UK Property Forums

All the staff at UK Property Forums are beavering away to update our event schedule and collate news despite the choppy waters we currently sail in. However, we do have an excellent new website – – which is updated daily and we strongly advise you use it  as a forum to see what is happening in the Thames Valley, East of England and London West property markets.

Stay safe and many thanks for your support.

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