Appointments, promotions, deals, a buyout, development, investment and the launch of awards to celebrate it all. This week’s Thames Tap is dominated by positive moves.

Fresh into a new year with a relatively new Government and on the verge of Brexit, the market has done as Haslams Estate Agent managing director, Steve Woodford, predicted last year, and begun to fly.

Other residential agents have told us the market is buzzing so January 31, whether you will be celebrating or in mourning, marks an important step forward as the previous uncertainty melts away.

Not that we would dare to predict that a bed of roses awaits but as we launch the Oxfordshire Property Awards, it’s great to be doing so at a time when people are more positive than they have been for years.

Some award categories have been tweaked this year to better reflect the market and, in the incredible setting of Keble College, the awards evening is well-placed to be a massive and successful event, backed, as ever, by the key players in the county.

So while you’re feeling upbeat, we urge you to visit and consider entering.

Last year 300 attended the awards evening and it’s almost at that number for this year’s event on April 2 – so don’t hang about!

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