There’s much gloom around right now with crises in supplies and energy, tax rises, talk of inflation and unemployment, and who knows what repercussions as we pay for the Covid response.

But yet again the Thames Valley is showing its mettle.

Just days after we were shown the extent of Cine Valley, where the new Shinfield Studios will be, we learn that Netflix has signed a major deal with Longcross Studios on the edge of our patch in North Surrey.

And all this comes on top of the massive studios being planned at Marlow, a development which is even bigger than Shinfield. And Pinewood is already on an expansion drive.

In addition we understand some kind of film studio scheme is in the making at Winnersh Triangle.

The incredible demand for film space brings with it demand for all manner of technical and traditional skills which themselves may have knock on requirements for residential and commercial property.

As ever, our location seems to be the key. We are convenient for those seeking to get out of London, we connect in all directions due to our inland location and one of the world’s most important airports is on our doorstep.

It’s another reminder that, while the levelling up agenda has good intentions, the words of Thames Valley’s business leaders over decades are worth remembering.

The mantra has long been that if you help this area, you support the rest of the country. Given that remote working can now mean someone in the north of England can use their technical skills for a business down here, it seems truer than ever.

No doubt some skills will go abroad but the tech talent pool in the UK is vast.

Politicians need to sort out the national and global problems and allow the regions to do what they are good at.

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