As so often happens in the property sector, the most successful schemes tend to be started in the eye of the storm, when the recession is at its worst and the outlook is most bleak.

And so we find British Land, which has lived through and survived several recessions, arriving into Slough to begin consultation on possibly the largest scheme outside of central London – Slough Central.

It takes vision and round objects of steel to do these types of projects but British Land has pedigree and a track record. Think Broadgate, Regent’s Place, Meadowhall, Ealing Broadway, and Paddington Central. All of these projects have an identity and sense of place, connecting with the wider community.

Given the patchy history of this site, the omens are now good for Slough. When packaged up with the other major projects happening such as the Horlicks factory, the North West Quadrant and the arrival of the Elizabeth Line, a bright future starts to come into focus for Slough.

Slough Borough Council is well placed to profit from these changes. Who knows, they may even start to challenge for the title of  Capital of Thames Valley?      

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