Welcome to ThamesTap number 250.

Like many of the best inventions, it was born out of frustration. Why could we not have a regular, independent property news service reporting on the Thames Valley?

The trade press adopted a ‘need to know’ approach, which included, if lucky, a once-a-year supplement on the Thames Valley and the odd snippet of interesting news which was all too often an ‘advertorial’.

And yet, for so many of us working across the region on a daily basis, there was so much more going on which was simply not reported. It was this sense of frustration which brought Alan Bunce and myself together to create Thames Tap in 2015. Or TVProperty as it was then known.

Alan had covered our conferences for both the Reading Chronicle and the Reading Post. More than once, these provided front page news and always provided further stories, both for those papers and sibling publications. Yet the property press has never quite latched onto the importance of the region.

We found that UK Property Forums’ original platforms – conferences and debates – held since 2004, dovetailed well with a news service; the written word and the spoken word combining to put us at the centre of this industry.

We could not have predicted Covid-19 but, while we have been unable to hold events, this digital offer has enabled us to stay in touch with the many great people in our industry and continue to provide news and views. In fact, we have grown throughout this difficult time.

From these humble beginnings, we have now launched three additional titles (Eastern Echo, London West and ArcWatch) and can boast a monthly readership of 13,000+ and 21,000+ page views on the UK Property Forums web site.

Many thanks to all our readers, partners and sponsors in helping achieve this milestone. It is our deep connections within the industry that not only keeps us at the centre of the debate, but supports us and enables us to continue to grow and add to what we can offer partners and the industry as a whole.

The future looks bright and we hope you will stay with us as we continue to develop from just doing a few events into a multi-platform property media business.

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