Despite the commotion in Westminster caused by Brexit and the apparent inertia of the Government towards the Home Counties, a surprisingly large amount has been planned, approved, built and occupied across the Thames Valley region.

We are always amazed at the scale of activity across the region. This bodes well for next year with a functioning Government and an approved set of policies which could bring some clarity to some of the major schemes and initiatives currently waiting in the pending tray.

With just a little more direction and clarity, the greater Thames Valley could have a really strong 12 months.

UK Property Forums has tried to be ahead of the curve, reporting on the big stories in Thames Tap and connecting you with the major stakeholders so that our readers have an understanding of the issues driving the debate.

Some vital stats for 2019:

  • 7,880 names on the Thames Tap subscriber list
  • 40 per cent opening rate (measured) per Thames Tap edition
  • 14 Valley Voices
  • 25 events hosted by the UK Property Forums team in 2019
  • 2,210 people at our events
  • 456 attended our largest event (OxPropFest)
  • 10 attended our smallest event (Newbury round table)
  • 18 awards presented (OxPropFest/TvPropFest)
  • £5,500 raised for the Access Sport and the Alexander Jansons Fund

Many thanks for all the support, stories and enthusiasm you have given to us in 2019.

However, if you were looking for predictions from the Thames Tap team, I am afraid we just do not have 2020 vision (apologies).

But we get the sense that for the first time in a while we have a New Year to look forward to.

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