West Berkshire District Council has taken a step towards realizing the ambitious Grazeley Solar Farm project, designed to significantly contribute to the region’s renewable energy objectives.  

With an anticipated launch in the fourth quarter of 2023, the council is gearing up to introduce the project to the market later this year, showcasing its growing commitment to sustainable energy solutions. 

At the heart of this initiative lies an early market engagement program that serves multiple purposes. 

Its primary objective is to provide potential suppliers with comprehensive insights into the impending project and its significance. 

By equipping interested parties with a thorough understanding of the project’s intricacies and prerequisites, the council aims to cultivate a competitive and dynamic atmosphere throughout the procurement process.  

The engagement platform serves as a valuable conduit for gathering insights into the projected expenses.

By acquiring this data, the council is poised to formulate a well-informed and aligned budgeting strategy that takes into account the financial dynamics of the market. 

Categorised under electrical engineering installation works with a pronounced focus on solar energy generation, the Grazeley Solar Farm project boasts an estimated total value of £16,000,000, excl VAT. 

Looking ahead, West Berkshire District Council is targeting November 1 as the pivotal date for the official contract notice release for the project. 

This timeline unmistakably shows the council’s unswerving determination to champion renewable energy solutions and to allow innovative strides in solar energy advancements.

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