Land in Wixoe could be transformed into a solar farm if newly submitted plans are given the green light.

Applicant and developer Bluefield Renewable Developments Ltd is seeking permission from West Suffolk Council to install a solar farm with a substation and invertors.

The plans, submitted on July 19, will see the solar farm in place for 40 years and land will then return to agricultural use. 

Solar panels would be laid out in east-west rows with 2.5m to six metres of space between each row, allowing for the option of sheep grazing. 

The panels would be three metres from ground level with a 2.5m steel mesh fence and gate surrounding the scheme. 

The site is currently used for arable farming. 

This comes just months after Bluefield Renewable Developments Ltd conducted a programme of public consultation including an exhibition at Sturmer Village Hall on Thursday, March 9. 

A total of 40 residents attended the event and, of the 23 local residents that completed a feedback form three were fully supportive. 

Ten residents were broadly supportive of the plans, five objected to it and five were undecided.

Issues raised included concern over construction traffic and routes, potential visual impact from houses to the south of the site, and potential flood risk. 

A statement to West Suffolk Council on behalf of the applicant stated: “The proposed development is expected to generate in the region of 36MW of renewable energy to support the Government’s renewable energy strategy, energy security and net zero targets and further reduce the national dependency on fossil fuels.” 

The installation period for the project is expected to be between six and nine months.

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