A development of 530 homes to the north west of Bicester has been given planning permission on appeal.

Firethorn Trust has been granted outline permission by the Planning Inspectorate. In upholding its appeal against Cherwell District Council’s refusal of the scheme, the inspector put significant weight on the fact the scheme would support the delivery of the wider North West Bicester Ecotown – the first of its kind in the UK.

Features of the application include sustainable infrastructure, making in the delivery of a what the developer calls a ‘true zero carbon’ development. Green space will account for 40 per cent of the 55-acre site which is owned by Firethorn Trust and forms part of its Living portfolio, led by director, Marcus Weeks.

He said: “As a true zero carbon development, North West Bicester Ecotown is setting the standard for future homes.

“The recent decision to allow the appeal and grant planning reinforces the considered approach that we take on every Firethorn development project and is a significant step towards realising our vision of creating a modern, sustainable and vibrant living environment, as part of the landmark scheme.

“We remain committed to collaborating with Cherwell District Council to deliver this much needed housing and fulfil its potential to cultivate a community where people can thrive, and the natural environment can flourish.

“We are well capitalised and excited to pursue more development opportunities for residential, BTR and PBSA (purpose-built student accommodation).”

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