The Government has awarded £7.5 million to Thames Valley Berkshire LEP (TVBLEP) from its £900m fund for ‘shovel-ready’ schemes.

TVBLEP had submitted proposals for up to £45m for 27 schemes but welcomes the grant which will cover seven projects. An additional five schemes, costing £5m, will be announced by the LEP in July.

Peter Read, chair of the LEP, said: “This additional £7.5m allocated by government into Thames Valley Berkshire in the recent wave of new funding will enable the LEP to bring forward some of our already extensive strategic economic programme of activity for Berkshire.

“To date, we have assigned nearly £172m to infrastructure projects in the area, with nearly half of this money allotted to sustainable road, rail and cycle projects. This clearly demonstrates our commitment to deliver an ongoing and viable green recovery.”

The LEP has said it is also reviewing its Local Industrial Strategy to account for the Covid-19 crisis.

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