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Oxford – MK – Cambridge Arc: will 2022 be the big reveal for the Spacial Framework?

UK Property Forums consultant Hugh Blaza previews the stages of the Arc which await in 2022.  This...

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Robert Godfrey rejoins Savills in new role

Former Savills director Robert Godfrey is to return to the firm in a new role offering investment...

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The Oxford – Cambridge Arc: threatened by fundamental misunderstanding?

UK Property Forums consultant Hugh Blaza takes on the councillors in South Oxfordshire seeking to...

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The Ox-Cam Arc – a different view

We invited Prof David Rogers, secretary of the Stop the Arc Group, to outline its opposition to...

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First public consultation on the Arc is launched

The first of three public consultations on the Oxford-Cambridge Arc has been launched with appeals...

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New chair for Oxford to Cambridge Arc Universities Group

As the spatial framework plan is being formed for the Arc, it has been announced that Prof...

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