The London Borough of Hounslow has received a proposal from St Edwards (A division of Berkeley) and Tesco plc on the transformation of two brownfield sites close to Gillette Corner.

The proposals will radically transform an area of London with an existing famous landmark, Gillette Corner. Syon Lane, which bisects the A4, was once the main thoroughfare connecting two stately homes, Syon House and Osterley Park.  The area also is known as the “Golden Mile” with Sky and Glaxo Smith Klein amongst the residents.

The consultation documents reveal ambitious plans.

The demolition of a former Homebase store to be replaced with a new Tesco and 400 car parking spaces ground floor. This step is key to unlocking the potential for the entire proposal. The Syon Lane site in Brentford will then be extended skywards to create new residential homes, courtyard gardens and communal aspects. The combined development proposal will be a boon to the local area when the opportunity arises.

The relocation of the Tesco store to the old Homebase site, Syon Gardens, will release space for the development of Osterley Place. The combined development will provide 2,150 homes, new and revamped community space, and a fresh new Tesco store.

The old Tesco site in Osterley will be demolished and new apartments built around a communal space and revamped water gardens. The entire proposal will include new cafes, workspaces, green space and communal facilities.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, the Planning Development Presentation did not proceed. Further attempts to reschedule the meeting have not yet been successful.

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