BP Pulse has submitted a planning application for ten EV charging stations in the Marks and Spencer (M&S) car park on Teddington’s High Street.

More specifically, the development proposals comprise:

• Eight electric parallel vehicle charging spaces, six with their charger and one pair sharing a hyper charger;

• Two new lighting columns, details to be secured by condition;

• A CCTV Camera on a 3M Pole; and

• A substation enclosure, a pillar enclosure, a network cabinet and ancillary associated eccentrical equipment.

The approval is required because of the inclusion of a substation. The proposed ten stations will occupy almost 25 per cent of the car space available.

BP Pulse, formerly Chargemaster, is the UK’s only fully integrated, end-to-end manufacturer and operator of charging infrastructure, and their focus is on enabling EV drivers to charge at work and on the go.

Their stated aim is;” We’re energising the future of transportation by developing fast and convenient charging solutions for consumer and commercial electric vehicles.”


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