AI medical technology company Brainomix has taken 4,418 sq ft of office space at Seacourt Tower in Botley, Oxford.

The fast-growing 60-strong business has moved its head office to the new site to accommodate growth. The firm has also opened a new office in Chicago.

Michalis Papadakis, chief executive and co-founder of Brainomix, said: “As a spin-out from the University of Oxford, it was important for us to maintain and expand our base in the city, which continues to serve as a world-leading hub for scientific excellence and cutting-edge innovation.

“The new office reflects the growth we’ve experienced as a company and our focus on delivering continual innovation and novel solutions that will positively impact treatment decisions in stroke, lung fibrosis and cancer.”

Laura Harris, head of people, said: “We are really pleased with our new office, which was custom designed to include a variety of meeting rooms and open spaces to foster collaboration, innovation and creativity – elements which have been the key to our success as a company, and which will continue to fuel our success as we expand.

“The location is ideal and attractive to employees and should help us to retain and attract talent.”

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