Plans have been submitted to make changes at Reading Retail Park to bring in a new occupier.

Owner Threadneedle UK Property Authorised Investment Fund has applied to Reading Borough Council to refit the former Wren Living store at the Oxford Road park so that Halfords can then move from its current store to that unit.

The Halfords unit will then be amalgamated with a neighbouring one to allow a foodstore to move into the new enlarged space.

Halfords has been seeking to downsize but stay within the park.

The planning statement prepared by Quod, states: “The proposals being advanced will result in the reuse and refurbishment of existing floorspace, rather than the creation of new buildings.

“Such an approach is in line with one of the Government’s aims to reuse and retrofit buildings over building new ones so as to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide and addressing the pressing climate change crisis.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Halfords have the ability to trade from the unit under the existing planning permission and therefore the application raises no matters of principle.”

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