A proposal for clearing a site and building three dwellings has received more than fifty objections in the few weeks since it was submitted.

The site, behind the Prince Albert Pub on Hampton Road, Twickenham, is seen as a wildlife corridor with a tree protection order. Much of the site has already been cleared.

The friends of Twickenham Green have raised many concerns:

  • Loss of privacy adjacent to the site.
  • Inadequacy of parking.
  • A Restricted loading/turning space for fire engines and other emergency vehicles.
  • Loss of Trees Tree Protection Order on the Eucalyptus tree
  • Roots must be protected during construction work and the laying of service pipes.
  • Possible over-development with the layout and density of buildings.
  • Road access, vehicles will have to cross the pavement to reach the site.
  • Previous planning applications have been refused because of inadequate access.

The developer has ecologically degraded the previously ecologically diverse site, which was until recently a breeding location for bats. 

The objections would oppose the Richmond Plan, which seeks to address the dramatic shortage in housing through the development of small sites.

The local councilors have requested that the application is heard in a planning meeting rather than approved by planning officers.


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