Councillors in Wokingham are asking residents to give one last push to try to prevent the borough having to accept twice its planned number of new homes.

Under the Government’s proposed reforms around 1,600 new homes will have to be built in the Wokingham Borough Council area each year and the authority is asking residents to make their point now before consultation ends on October 1.

Councillors have already spoken to Secretary of State for housing Robert Jenrick.

Leader John Halsall said: “If the Government go ahead with their proposal to double our housing numbers, our system of planning for new homes strategically just wouldn’t be able to cope. We would be playing catch up with the infrastructure for years to come.

“Just imagine what would happen to our roads – the Reading Road would be at a standstill, the Finchampstead Road going out of Wokingham towards the Tesco would be backed up at all hours, junction 11 would be like a car park and the A4 would be chock-a-block all day.

“If you think the roads are bad now, just image what would happen if we suddenly have to start building double the number of houses every year.”

A petition has been launched at

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