At a chaotic Hounslow Planning Committee meeting, the development of Ham Wharf, Brentford, into 60 flats was approved by six votes to five.

One member described the proceedings as shambolic when a miscount occurred, and a member was disqualified from voting because they were late.

The scheme is for the redevelopment of the site to provide 60 affordable homes, including 24 affordable social rented units and 36 intermediate units. The development would provide one studio flat, 15 one-bedroom flats, 38 two-bedroom flats, and six three-bedroom flats.

The proposal includes the erection of two buildings, with a maximum height of ten and six storeys, respectively, and the provision of a central amenity/playspace that would also serve as a secondary access from The Ham down to the riverside. The existing Thames Path access would be retained as the primary riverside route and enhanced through width increases, levelling, and landscaping interventions.

The proposal also includes cycle parking, wider landscaping, servicing provisions and other elements such as two Blue badge parking bays, a new, raised flood wall and street furniture. The proposal is highly sustainable achieving a minimum of 75 per cent reduction in carbon emissions over Building Regulations Part L compliant baseline.

The confusion at the meeting stemmed from the fact that the development project faced some objections. Residents and councillors raised concerns about the project’s height and massing, which they felt exceeded the limits set in the local plan. They also highlighted potential negative impacts on the river ecology and heritage assets.

The officer presenting spoke in its favour because it provides 100 per cent affordable housing and changes to the local plan would allow the height but had yet to be ratified.

The developer is Ham Wharf Ltd and the Architects are TODD Architects.


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