The Eagle Brewery Wharf project is part of the council’s broader heritage-led ‘Transform Kingston’ regeneration programme, which looks to reinvigorate and reshape the town centre to make it even better for residents, local businesses, students and visitors.

After engagement and consultation, the site was planned to have more greenery and a better connection to the river, and respondents liked the way the site reflected heritage.

 The council are working in partnership with Kingston First, the town centre’s business improvement district, to transform Eagle Brewery Wharf on Kingston’s riverside into a place where everyone can unwind, enjoy and connect with nature.

 The ambition for Eagle Brewery Wharf is to create a well-loved, inclusive and activated space in a vital riverside location in Kingston. The proposals build on the natural setting by maximising greenery and biodiversity and connecting the site with the river. There is also an excellent opportunity to enhance Eagle Brewery Wharf’s distinctive character by reflecting its rich history and heritage in its design.

 A planning application for the scheme and all the information can be viewed on the council’s planning applications portal using reference number 24/00640/CREG3.



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