Ealing Council is inviting residents to have their say about what improvements they would like to see in Ealing and Hanwell town centres.

As part of the council’s 20-minute framework consultation, it encourages people who visit, live or work in those towns to take a short survey.

The purpose of a 20-minute neighbourhood is to create places in the borough where residents can access critical services like shops, cafes, doctor’s surgeries, and restaurants within a 20-minute walk from their homes. Ealing wants to hear directly from residents through the consultation on how they can best do it.

As the consultation begins, the council is excited to share its vision for a neighbourhood framework to drive improvements in local neighbourhoods, town centres, and high streets. But to help develop that vision, residents who live and breathe life into these areas are asked to take part and help create it.

Councillor Peter Mason, leader of Ealing Council, said, ” At Ealing Council, we wholeheartedly believe in an open, transparent, and inclusive approach. 20-minute neighbourhoods will help to create a vibrant community and economy for all residents. This is a unique opportunity to shape your neighbourhoods for the future.

“Listening to our residents is at the heart of this project. Your voice, your ideas, and your experiences will be the building blocks of these new-look neighbourhoods. By working alongside you, we aim to prioritise improvements that genuinely reflect your hopes and cater to your needs.

We are committed to enhancing your quality of life through improved access to public transport, healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. Places where Community, culture, leisure, and green spaces can flourish, and only twenty minutes away from your home.”

The consultation results will inform the foundation of a new Local Plan.

Councillor Mason continued: “Ealing Council pledges to keep the doors of communication wide open, fostering a spirit of transparency and inclusion. We are committed to supporting our seven towns as they become even more dynamic spaces that fulfil their potential as places to not only live and work but also to relish and celebrate.”

The survey will run from 19 July to 2 October 2023.

Photo by Kai Butcher on Unsplash

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