The search has begun for an ‘enterprise partner’ to help East West Rail to both provide its services and support its strategic leadership.

The East West Railway Company (EWR Co) says it is testing the market’s appetite to:

  • Deliver train operations and asset management
  • Support the strategic leadership of the project at an early stage and through the launch phase of the railway. 

By combining service delivery with a strategic role, the company believes it will help it achieve the long-term outcomes of the railway and creates opportunities for organisations within and beyond the rail sector.

EWR Co chief executive Simon Blanchflower said: “The enterprise partner model we have been developing over the past few months is an exciting opportunity for the right organisation or organisations to join us early and at a strategic level to deliver our ambitious vision for East West Rail.

“The model represents a unique way of drawing together the ideas and concepts at the forefront of industry thinking – an enterprise approach, a long-term focus on outcomes and early involvement from the supply chain – in a way which achieves the best outcome for passengers, local residents and for the taxpayer.

“The rail industry is going through a period of real change, so it feels right to share our proposition with the market and seek their views on the model to help us develop something that delivers real value.”


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