Following a new planning application to West Oxfordshire District Council for changes to the previously-consented Mullin Automotive Museum at the former RAF Enstone, we asked the team behind the scheme to offer us an update. 

The following is provided by the applicant:  

In December 2022 the team behind the Mullin Automotive Museum submitted a new application that was taken to the West Oxfordshire District Council Development Control Committee on 27 March 2023. 

The committee gave resolution to approve the application however detailed planning permission is pending completion of a Section 106 legal agreement. The revised scheme introduces some enhancements but overall differs very little from the one granted planning permission in 2020.

The principal differences are the inclusion of a separate exhibition space in a new landmark building, workshops with public viewing gallery, and additional holiday homes for classic car collectors.

Benefactor Peter Mullin, whose invaluable private collection forms the centrepiece of this unique new public museum, commented: “My particular passion for the automobile is not about top speed or horsepower, but about the extraordinary impact that the car has had on mankind; the mobility, the ingenious design, the engineering and the beauty of art in motion.

“Our great grandchildren will probably never drive a motor car – at least not as we know it. The wonder and awe of the automobile – that today we may take for granted – will be an experience they will only ever be able to share by coming to a destination like The Mullin.”

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