Hounslow Planning has approved the conversion of offices to a hotel.

The proposal is to convert Falcon House, a vacant office building, into a 97-bedroom hotel with associated conference, dining and gymnasium facilities. The existing ground floor rear undercroft will be used as a café/restaurant.

The loss of office space has been justified. The development would reduce the number of car parking spaces to ten from 72. The proposed use of a hotel in a highly accessible location adjacent to but outside of the Hounslow Town Centre has also been justified and would contribute positively to the area.

A coach drop-off space is proposed at the rear of the hotel, accessed from the service road at Hospital Road. The existing footpath to the rear of the site adjacent to Hospital Road is very narrow at present and has bollards. This footpath is to be widened to 1.5 metres, with the existing tree to be retained. There is a gate at the rear of the office block, which is to be removed for the proposed development.

Falcon House was sold by CLS for £6.1m to an undisclosed buyer in July 2021.


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