More plans have been submitted to Watford Borough Council for the refurbishment of the Watford Colosseum in advance of the venue’s reopening in autumn 2024.

Changes to the historic entertainment venue will be made as part of the upgrade including the installation of an external ventilation duct on the building, a roof plant and a canopy to the front of the building, pending approval of the applications.

The venue, located on Rickmansworth Road in Watford, has been receiving improvements since 2022 and the enhancements when finished will preserve its rich heritage and raise it to new heights as a cultural and sustainable hub for the community of Watford.

The investment will also add new life to this landmark building, making it more “accessible” and “appealing” to performers, creative individuals, and arts groups.

The investment made will “boost” the Hertfordshire town’s local economy by nearly £2 million every year.

It will also provide new jobs and volunteer opportunities, which will help the community grow and thrive upon completion.

The project shows a “steadfast” commitment to preserving an important element of Watford’s history while making way for noteworthy economic contributions to the region, according to Watford Borough Council.

Earlier this year, Watford Borough Council chose major entertainment company AEG Presents to manage Watford Colosseum when it reopens next autumn.

Elected Mayor of Watford, Peter Taylor, said: “We’re excited to announce a major step forward in refurbishing Watford Colosseum, preserving its heritage and turning it into a vibrant hub.”

The changes to Watford Colosseum are part of a larger plan by Watford Borough Council to make the top of the town centre a “lively” and “vibrant” hub for the community.

The plan includes improving the Town Hall, where there will be a fresh and modern Watford Museum as well as spaces for the community.

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