At a meeting on the 14 December 2022, the Friends of Wormwood Scrubs (FWS) presented plans to the Wormwood Scrubs Charitable Trust Committee (WSCTC) of Hammersmith and Fulham Council for the redevelopment of the Linford Christie Stadium.

The plans involve a major upgrade to the facilities to bring them up to National Athletics Standards including a new track, changing rooms and toilets. There would also be consideration for a Lido.

The FWS seek the following for the site;

“The objective is to provide facilities to form a part of LBHF high quality sporting infrastructure suitable for use by schools, clubs, teams, and individuals, from within and neighbouring the Borough.”

Previously Queens Park Rangers (QPR) had identified the site as a potential to move away from their home of many years, Loftus Road.

In a document called, Why QPR need to move, the club states the following;

“It looks like there is now just one final option for QPR to become financially sustainable and stay in Hammersmith & Fulham – the Linford Christie Stadium.

“The Linford Christie Stadium site in W12 is more than three times the size of Loftus Road and just half a mile away.

“After years of underinvestment the Linford Christie Stadium is now in a very poor condition. It costs the council hundreds of thousands of pounds a year to operate even in the state that it is in. In an era of local authority cuts, they do not have the money to maintain it properly, nor to put in the millions of pounds of capital investment required to bring it up to scratch.”

Hammersmith and Fulham Council  face a difficult choice after supporting their other resident football clubs Chelsea and Fulham, they also need to assist QPR.


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