Richmond upon Thames’ new Local Plan has been published for public comment, before it goes to the national Planning Inspectorate for examination.  

The Local Plan is the main policy framework Richmond Council uses to set out its aspirations for our places, ensure developments will meet the needs of communities and identify potential sites for development. This final, statutory consultation is for interested parties to comment on the soundness and legal compliance of the plan.

Cllr Julia Neden-Watts, chair of Richmond Council’s Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sports Committee, said:

“The Council is working hard in various ways to make our borough a vibrant, inclusive and healthy place for all our communities. To achieve that, we must evolve to meet changing needs, including the need for homes, green and social spaces, education and jobs, whilst addressing the impact of climate change and economic challenges.

“A Local Plan cannot tackle all of these challenges on its own, but it does set out our vision to accommodate growth through guiding and managing development. Allowing for sustainable growth in Richmond upon Thames will help ensure that this is an affordable place for people to live, at any stage of their life, and that there is sufficient infrastructure, jobs, services and amenities to support a growing population. And, of course, that all of this is delivered in a way that helps us meet our goal of being carbon neutral as a borough by 2043”.

The Local Plan has been through several rounds of consultation since March 2020, as well as informal ward-based engagement with residents throughout summer 2021 and workshops with schools.

This version of the plan, known as the ‘Publication’ or ‘Regulation 19’ version, must be tested against legal and procedural compliance, including the duty to cooperate, and the soundness of the Plan, as set out in national guidance.

The Regulation 19 Local Plan Consultation will be open until 24 July 2023.



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