Part of a small business park in White Waltham looks set to be replaced by 79 homes under plans by Sorbon Estates, part of the Shanly Group.

Plans to redevelop much of Grove Park go before the Royal Borough’s development management committee on Wednesday, November 18 with a recommendation for approval. Three office buildings will be retained.

The park, which is made up largely of huts, used as small business units and some two-storey buildings, is owned by Sorbon Estates and is within the Green Belt. It was originally part of White Waltham Airfield.

The proposed homes include 23 two-bedroom houses, 40 with three,14 with four and two with five. A nursery building will be lost in the redevelopment but a replacement is part of the scheme.

The recommendation for approval is based upon provision of the nursery and an affordable housing allocation.

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