The final planning hurdle in Berkeley Homes’ plans for the Horlicks Building in Slough has been cleared with agreement over its s106 contribution.

The housebuilder’s plan for converting the building as part of a 1,300-home development was approved by Slough Borough Council in November 2019, subject to the s106 agreement.

That deal was concluded on Monday (March 23) and includes £5.25 million of contributions to the surrounding area. It includes:

  • More than £1.9m towards education
  • £750,000 towards employment and training
  • £2.1 million for transport
  • Almost £500,000 towards local and biodiversity enhancements

As well as restoration and conversion of the famous Horlicks building, signs, clocktower and chimney, Berkeley will create a new pedestrian/cycle link through the site with public open spaces and retail. The scheme’s 1,300 homes, includes 325 affordable homes.

Deana Everingham, regional sales & marketing director, said: “Slough Borough Council is driving an ambitious regeneration programme and we look forward to collaborating with them and local residents to shape a fantastic new neighbourhood and help Slough deliver their vision.

“Berkeley is passionate about creating desirable communities where people aspire to live. Our focus is on placemaking, not just housebuilding. We are delighted to have this opportunity to transform such an iconic building with years of heritage, into a vibrant new community.”

Josie Wragg, chief executive of Slough Borough Council, said: “The regeneration of the town centre area is gathering pace and we are excited for this development and the future of the whole area. The s106 contributions that Berkeley are making will help make significant improvements to our local infrastructure.”

Berkeley is currently carrying out enabling works on the site and hopes to start the development soon although it had planned to release the first phase in Autumn and open a marketing suite. Those plans are now subject to possible changes due to the  COVID-19 crisis.


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