At Hounslow Council’s Cabinet Meeting on 14 May, the Council gave the green light to the adoption of the Character, Sustainability, and Design Codes Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), marking a significant step towards enhancing the borough’s future architectural landscape and promoting sustainable development. 

The SPD, which serves guidance that supports policies outlined in the Local Plan, provides comprehensive insights into the borough’s local character, proposes visions for its diverse neighbourhoods, and introduces crucial design codes and guidance to improve the quality and sustainability of built development across Hounslow.  

In line with the Council‘s commitment to actively engage with residents and stakeholders, adjustments were made to the SPD based on valuable feedback received during a public consultation held between June and August 2023. This underscores the Council’s dedication to ensuring that community voices are heard and considered in shaping the borough’s future. 

By defining high-quality and sustainable development within the context of Hounslow, the SPD contributes to shaping a more vibrant and resilient built environment.  

Now that the Council has adopted this SPD, the Council’s planning department will use it in all future planning decisions. Its adoption signifies a crucial milestone in driving high-quality, characterful, sustainable design practices forward.  

Cllr Tom Bruce, cabinet member for regeneration and development, said:

“This document marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to shaping a future where good design and sustainability are at the forefront of our borough’s development and reflects years of hard work.  

“The SPD complements our Local Plan policies, providing further guidance on strategic and borough-wide policies that shape future development in Hounslow. The refined SPD, enriched by feedback received during the consultation period, underscores the Council’s commitment to inclusive decision-making and community engagement.”


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