Working with YEEP! lockers, Hounslow Council’s new Neighbourhood Parcel Locker Network was initially rolled out to areas in Brentford, Isleworth, and Feltham.

The borough’s new YEEP! lockers are accessible by residents 24 hours a day and offer a sustainable and reliable option for parcel collection and return.

Out-of-home delivery provides a solution to help cut down delivery vehicles’ carbon emissions­ by limiting the number of failed and missed deliveries and reducing the number of journeys couriers make from warehouses to individual addresses.

The Council’s ambition is to ensure an out-of-home delivery option – such as a YEEP! locker – is available to every resident within a 5-minute walk of where a person lives, works, or enjoys leisure time.

The locker installations are being funded by the borough’s delivery companies that offer out-of-home deliveries.

Councillor Katherine Dunne, deputy leader of Hounslow Council and cabinet member for Climate, Environment and Transport, said: “We are pleased to launch the initial phase of our Neighbourhood Parcel Locker Network and look forward to working with YEEP! to offer a convenient and sustainable alternative to home deliveries for Hounslow residents.

“YEEP! lockers help contribute to a cleaner and greener Hounslow by providing Feltham, Brentford, and Isleworth communities with the ability to collect and return parcels via lockers that are just minutes from households. By utilising our new parcel network, residents will help reduce the number of delivery vehicles on roads and improve Hounslow’s air quality.

“Ultimately, we’re targeting a borough-wide rollout of YEEP! out-of-home delivery lockers in the months to come, and will be supporting residents and businesses to make the choices that both protect our environment and increase the convenience of returning and receiving parcels.”

Noel Shapton, CEO of YEEP!, said: “We are proud that Hounslow, as part of a multiple borough pilot, is one of the first London boroughs to have YEEP! at the green heart of their community.

“Receiving packages in London is particularly problematic, with so many of us back at work during the day. YEEP! lockers will help resolve those personal delivery issues and have a great impact on reducing congestion in the borough.”

Hounslow and Delivering London (YEEP!) committed to the multiple-borough pilot alongside Kingston, Sutton, and Lambeth Councils in 2022, intending to implement a London-wide network of new out-of-home delivery options.

The Neighbourhood Parcel Locker Network will also minimise failed deliveries. ‘The last mile‘ of home deliveries (the short journey the courier vehicles take from the local warehouse to individual addresses) is the most avoidable contribution to air pollution and congestion, particularly in busy cities like London.  

Hounslow Council’s Neighbourhood Parcel Locker Network rollout is part of its Climate Emergency Action Plan and its commitment to achieving net zero carbon by 2030.

It is estimated that out-of-home delivery options – like YEEP! lockers – could save up to 75 million vehicle kilometres and 16,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2032.

YEEP! lockers are battery-powered and require no connection to services, making them eco-friendly and completely maintenance-free for the landowners.

According to Parcel Shipping Index, global parcel volumes are projected to double to 266 billion by 2026. With more than 80 per cent of shopping completed online, the parcel locker industry plays an important role in ensuring customer convenience and eco-friendly options.


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