Former Morse Webb director Ian Blake has left to launch a new architectural consultancy. 

iB Architects, based in Newbury, will be driven by his experience of working on wide-ranging projects alongside developers, promoters, landowners, charities, community groups and homeowners.

Mr Blake, who previously spent 17 years with Sutton Griffin Architects, said: “The global pandemic has been a great leveller and changed the world, challenging previously accepted norms of a working life for everyone, me included.

“It has proved that technology can keep the world connected and humanity can continue to function – to some lesser or greater extent.

“We can literally be wherever we want to be, location is no longer a constraint and I can see many smaller and well-connected satellite market towns adapting to these new ways of working to offer a better quality of life to those who will or have become flexible commuters.”

He believes news ways of working will change the dynamic of many smaller towns which, he says, will evolve to cater for the new demands. iB Architects will offer architectural and design services to those adapting to a post-pandemic world.


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