A public consultation event for Jansons Property’s vision for the West Eynsham SDA along with plans for around 160 homes as a first phase at Chilbrook Meadows, takes place this week in a specially-prepared online format.

Working with communications consultants from Curtin&Co and planners and masterplanners from Barton Willmore, Jansons is drawing up a vision for the SDA as well as plans for the first phase of development – the Chilbrook Meadows scheme. The allocation of the SDA is for the delivery of around 1,000 homes.

All aspects of the traditional in-person event will be incorporated into the virtual consultation so residents can hear directly from key members of the project team and can submit questions and take part in an online survey.

Public engagement specialists from Curtin&Co will be monitoring the webinar session so that any recurring questions can be answered live by the project team members during the event. Individual questions will be followed up afterwards.

Over 2,000 leaflets have been delivered to people living nearby, inviting them to sign up to the event and exhibition banners will be posted on the scheme’s dedicated website. Software for the online consultation potentially allows for thousands to take part.

A newsletter and feedback form will be sent out for anyone unable to take part in the online exhibition.

Managing director Andy Jansons said: “Almost two years since West Oxfordshire District Council adopted their Local Plan and after a great deal of thought, we are very excited to be presenting our proposals for West Eynsham to the people of Eynsham.

“Working with Curtin&Co we have been able to bring every aspect of the traditional public consultation into the digital format.”

The online event is the climax to a series of meetings and consultations about the SDA and Jansons’ Chilbrook Meadows scheme. Jansons plans to submit a planning application to West Oxfordshire District Council later this year.

If approved, Jansons proposals would avoid the Chil Brook flood plain and make best use of the Park and Ride facility, on which construction is due to start next year.

The proposal will also deliver approximately 160 new homes – of which up to 50 per cent could be affordable – investment in the local community and enhancements to the local environment, including facilitating the delivery of a Linear Park which follows the Chil Brook.

The online event is at 1pm on Friday, June 5.

To register visit: www.westeynsham.co.uk.

Image shows the site of Jansons’ Chilbrook Meadows scheme in the highlighted box. The red outline shows the site of the full SDA.

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