Swindon comes under the spotlight for the first time in the next online UK Prop Social event.

UK Property Forums has enlisted John Keppel, chief operating officer for Zurich which is to move to stunning new 100,000 sq ft head offices in the Kimmerfields development in the centre of the town.

We also have Emma Gee, head of town centre development for Swindon Borough Council and Renata Lovat Short, senior associate at Thames Tap partner Clark Holt. Discussion will be moderated by UK Property Forums managing director Matthew Battle.

Mr Battle said: “There is tremendous potential in Swindon and, given the likely exodus of occupiers from London in the light of Covid, now is a really exciting time.

“The pre-letting Zurich took for its new head office is a massive deal in the current era and should turn heads in the Thames Valley so it’s great news that we have John Keppel answering questions about it.

“Emma Gee and Renata Lovat Short are people who are really on top of what is happening in Swindon so I expect this event to really engage people from further afield and to generate interest in a very exciting location.”

The hour-long event is on October 7 at 1pm and is free to UK Prop Social members and £25 to non-members.

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