The redevelopment and opening of Kneller Hall as a new school by Dukes Education have been delayed a year due to significant planning delays.

The school was intended to open in September 2023; however, it cannot do so as planning permission has yet to be granted. The Radnor House website states;

” Kneller Hall School in Twickenham will remain at Pope’s Villa in September 2023 and relocate to the new premises at Kneller Hall from September 2024.”

A significant listed building would require more consideration than a similar non-listed building. The impact on the local area would also need to be considered.

It is unclear whether this is due to over-ambitious planning by Dukes Education or a lack of resources within the LBRUT planning team.

The LBRUT website currently states: 

“Application process status

Staffing issues are affecting the validation and processing of planning applications. Read more about this issue.”

With the delays in planning, labour and materials shortages, September 2024 may seem a little ambitious.


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