In a post-pandemic world, the organisations tasked with rebuilding local economies include Business Improvement Districts (BID) – and Marble Arch London and Hammersmith BIDs are due for renewal in 2021.

BIDs provide additional or improved services identified by the local businesses, including extra safety, cleaning or environmental measures.  They are funded by a mandatory levy on all eligible businesses after a successful ballot.

The gateway to West London, the Marble Arch London BID, have had their second term approved by 95 per cent of the businesses that voted in the recent ballot.

Its business plan, 2021-2026, encapsulates the second generation of work to continue the critical actions under the themes of environment, security, celebrating and community to support the district’s long-term recovery.

The BID will continue to deliver programmes to enhance the look and feel of the area and introduce new ways of connecting businesses and increasing footfall and dwell time to support the thriving day and night-time economy.

Over the next five years, the BID will be working with its partners to complete many new projects, which include significant developments such as One Marble Arch, Marble Arch Place, Garfield House, Paddington Green Police Station and Regent House.

Kay Buxton, chief executive, Marble Arch London BID, said: “We want to thank all our members for the confidence they’ve shown in the BID.

“The resounding ‘yes’ vote highlights the exceptional progress we have made as a district, and the high turnout of renewal voters, despite the unique challenges presented during lockdown, is testament to the trust our members place in us, and their support of our five-year vision and strategy.

“Our district and its businesses face some very challenging times ahead, and our focus is on maintaining the value of the location and maximising the opportunities for further inward investment.

“We’re rolling up our sleeves and ready to deliver our strategy, working closely with – and for – all our businesses and stakeholders to secure the future of the area, putting our members in the strongest position for recovery, growth and resilience.”

The Hammersmith BID is seeking a fourth term commencing on the April 1. The ballot has started and will be complete in March. Hammersmith BID is standing on a platform of:

  • Public realm and green investment
  • Security and resilience
  • Community and partnerships

The BID wishes to continue the work on the Hammersmith Highline. They expect to have revenue of 900,000 a year.

The challenge for both organisations in the next five years is pivotal for the recovery from the pandemic.

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