High-speed driverless transport is to be explored at Milton Keynes thanks to a £200,000 grant to fund research.

The city council has been awarded the money to look into Advanced Very Rapid Transport (AVRT), a new concept in mass transit, using automated vehicles on purpose-designed segregated paths.

The authority will commission a study to determine how the AVRT project could fit in with the city’s current and proposed infrastructure. Key routes totalling 18 miles in and around Milton Keynes will be the focus of the study.

Council leader Cllr Pete Marland said: “Delivering a sustainable and effective transport system is exactly what we need to do as a modern smart city. A project like this will not only enable us to move faster, it will also open up new gateways into our city, attracting a wider range of people to live, work and set up their businesses here.

“This study will help us look at how we make the most of the opportunities AVRT presents to bring cleaner and affordable travel to MK.”

MK City Council will be partnering with a consortium of businesses which will jointly invest a further £200,000. They include Costain, ARUP, Equipmake , Avant Design and Conigital.

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