The University of West London’s, Centre for Inequality and Leveling Up (CEILUP) has produced an analysis showing that the funding for different projects has moved south.

London, the East of England and the South East have received more in the second round of levelling up disbursments than the first.

The percentage has increased from 26 percent to 34 percent of the total fund for each round.

The amount released in each round has increased from £1.7bn to £2.1bn.

The piece of work by CEILUP has raised the profile of the University’s new research centre. Their research can be found here.

Marc Le Chevallier, CEILUP’s Research and Policy officer said:

“Levelling up is hugely important on both a moral and political level and crucially builds upon UWL’s work in social mobility. As a relatively new research centre, we’ve been working hard to assess the government’s success in addressing geographic inequalities, and so it’s great for our work to be recognised in these large publications.” 



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