Plans for the next phase of the Cambridge North development have opened for public consultation.

The development is on the site of the former railway sidings land next to Cambridge North Railway Station and aims to create a sustainable community on the brownfield land adjoining the new rail, bus, and cycle transport hub.

The first phase of the development is already underway; the 217-bed Novotel opened in May 2021. A second mixed-use building, with ground-floor retail space and offices above, is due to open in 2023.

The consultation is regarding phase two of the development, which aims to bring more jobs and opportunities to the neighbourhood, with sustainability as the focal point of plans, and emphasis on low carbon emissions and waste.

The six buildings comprising phase two aim to form a sustainable mixed-use community, with both offices and lab space as well as shops, cafes, and other neighbourhood amenities. With this, the plans aim to create job opportunities and support the community in the long run, including by helping small businesses and the independent sector.

The plans also show a commitment to making public spaces accessible and green, with a measurable contribution towards the natural environment, and infrastructure to support green transport solutions such as bikes, electric vehicles and electric scooters.

The development also hopes to include ‘meanwhile uses’, to try and make a positive impact even in its construction phases.

The consultation is running from December 8 to December 22, 2021.

Full details of the scheme can be found here.

Image source- Cambridge North

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