A new process for repairing roads using cutting edge thermal technology is being trialled from the 19th June on Northcote Road in St Margaret’s.

The works are part of a trial using a thermal heating process to reheat and repair the existing asphalt surface. This repair process has many benefits, such as it is more environmentally friendly, has a reduced carbon footprint, and delivers better value.

The thermal technology allows contractors to heat the existing damaged road material until it is soft enough to be reshaped as a partial filling for the pothole, speeding repair times by up to 40%. By reheating the existing road surface, there will be no need to remove the old material, which greatly reduces the disposal of waste material and the amount of new asphalt material required. In addition, carbon emissions are reduced by removing the need for power tools that use fossil fuels. This also means the new thermal method is quieter and more suitable for repairs in areas of the borough where noise pollution is an issue.

If successful, the Council intends to use this repair method throughout the borough. Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Chair of the Transport and Air Quality Committee, said:

“This cutting-edge technology could have a significant impact; helping us to ensure more potholes are filled and all in a shorter time.

“Richmond residents should know that their Council is continually striving to improve services, deliver better value and embrace technological advances. The trial of this technology is just the latest example of our Council’s restless determination to keep delivering improved services for its residents.” 

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