Richmond Planning Committee has approved demolishing the former Strathmore School, Ham and replacing it with a new school.

The school will be a Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) school, including play areas, multi-use games area (MUGA), car and minibus parking, cycle and bin storage, hard and soft landscaping, fencing, and associated works.

The proposals would bring a currently derelict site back into its former use. The provision of a new SEND school would help to meet the current educational needs of the borough. It has been evidenced by Achieving for Children that there is an identified and pressing need for this type of educational facility in the borough.

The development would introduce a range of sustainability initiatives and ecological gains that would benefit the site and context, including on-site renewable energy generation technology in ASHPs, PV panels and green roofs. The on-site carbon savings considerably exceed basic policy requirements, and the remaining savings will be offset by a financial contribution to meet net-zero standards.

The proposals provide a 42.25 per cent biodiversity net gain and 0.481 urban greening factor, which is a further benefit in consideration of this scheme.

The scheme includes:

  • Main Hall
  • Dining Hall
  • MUGA pitch and sports space
  • Library
  • Music rooms
  • Food Technology workshop
  • ASD & SCLN Teaching workspace
  • Outdoor teaching spaces

The proposal includes 14 parking bays, including one disabled parking bay and three electric vehicle parking spaces. Minibus and taxi drop-off points and 26-cycle parking spaces are provided.


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