South Cambridgeshire District Council has unveiled ambitious plans for the development and delivery of Waterbeach Renewable Energy Network (WREN).

This groundbreaking initiative aims to revolutionise the region’s energy landscape and significantly reduce its carbon emissions.

The project was announced via a prior information notice in September. The notice provides detailed insights into the scope and main objectives of this transformative project.

The main objective of WREN is to support the efforts of decarbonisation of the Greater Cambridge Shared Waste Service (GCSWS).

This project aligns with their goals to eliminate the carbon footprint associated with their fleet of refuse vehicles by 2030

They are currently responsible for emitting approximately 1,800 tonnes of CO2 annually, with the GCSWS aiming to make a full transition to electric vehicles.

However, challenges are already arising, such as the insufficient local electricity capacity at their Waterbeach depot to accommodate the charging requirements.

The proposed solutions involve the full development and delivery of an integrated renewable energy and storage system, aimed to be operational by June 2025.

Some of the main components of this added project are electric vehicle chargers, energy and power management systems and energy storage systems.

Furthermore, this project is actively encouraging innovative proposals to maximise environmental and community benefits, such as the re-use of electric vehicle batteries for energy storage.

The estimated cost of this ambitious project currently stands at £7 million excluding VAT.

It represents a significant investment in sustainable infrastructure, highlighting the council’s commitment to its environmental responsibilities.

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