Following the success of its SoloHaus modular homes in helping address the homelessness crisis, The Hill Group has launched DuoHaus, a larger model designed to accommodate couples.

DuoHaus will provide a temporary living solution to more people and greater flexibility to local authorities in supporting those in need of homes.

DuoHaus homes are relocatable, easy to install and secure, with a high-quality finish throughout. They are designed to Future Homes Standards and exceed building regulations for energy efficiency and sound insulation.

These features have led to increasing demand for Solohaus from local authorities across the UK in their efforts to support people in need of follow-on accommodation; Hill hopes that DuoHaus will have a similar impact.

The DuoHaus units are specially manufactured and fitted out for two people to move into straight away, arriving fully equipped with all necessary furniture, cutlery, white goods and bedding.

The homes have a well-considered layout, abundant natural light, good storage, and have been designed with the help of leading homelessness charities and stakeholder groups to ensure they are secure and practical. Importantly, the homes are also highly efficient, with low energy costs arranged via a pay-as-you-go meter.

DuoHaus units are manufactured by Volumetric Modular from their two factories located in the West Midlands. Fabrication can take just 10 days and on-site installation can be even swifter, making the units ideal for addressing immediate accommodation issues.

Andy Hill, chief executive at The Hill Group said: “With the launch of DuoHaus we are expanding the options that local authorities have available to them in supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society. In developing this technology we have learned that allowing people to have somewhere to live with dignity while they rebuild their lives is a crucial part of their journey, and with this new product couples who are affected by a lack of housing supply will be able to co-habit as they begin that process.”

Trevor Richards, operations director said: “DuoHaus builds upon the same technology platform as SoloHaus, utilising a very high degree of standardisation and component interoperability, meaning that we can maintain optimal levels of manufacturing efficiency and follow the same module assembly principles both in the factory and onsite.”

The DuoHaus units build upon the successful SoloHaus design by expanding the available living space from 24 sq m to 28 sq m.

The width of the two designs is the same and a DuoHaus unit can be installed in configurations alongside SoloHaus homes.

Image source: The Hill Group

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