Kingston Council has published its new Local Development Scheme (LDS) which sets out a framework for delivering growth across the borough. The newly published scheme covers the period from winter 2020

The Local Development Scheme is a public ‘project plan’ that sets out a timetable for implementing the borough’s Local Plan. It is a statutory requirement for all local authorities to publish their LDS, which sets out the timetable for the delivery of statutory planning documents and policies.

This latest version of Kingston’s LDS reflects changes in the timescale for producing the Local Plan due to the impacts of COVID-19 and the delay in implementation of the Mayor of London’s London Plan. Kingston’s Local Plan must align with both the London Plan and the national planning policy framework.

There have been significant changes to the planning system since Kingston’s previous 2019 Local Development Scheme was approved – most notably the publication of the revised National Planning Policy Framework in 2019 and the delay in the London Plan, currently anticipated to be adopted during 2020.

The Local Plan will set out a vision for the future of the borough for the period 2019-2041 and will guide what development goes where, including homes, schools, infrastructure and transport links. It will provide a long term vision and strategy to meet the future needs of the borough, identifying changes that may happen, and the broad locations for development. It will include planning policies, which will be used to determine whether planning applications are appropriate for the borough and are approved or refused. It will also provide a policy context for Neighbourhood Plans.

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