The Twickenham Riverside Inquiry has commenced with opening statements on behalf of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (LBRUT) led by Andrew Tait KC. 

The hearings are scheduled to run from June 6 until June 27, with a few additional days for overruns. The Inspector is chairing the inquiry, Mr Peter Rose.

A schedule of the hearing can be found here.

The objections to the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for the Jubilee Gardens are being led by two trustees of the Riverside Trust, Celia Hollman and Ted Cremin. Ted Cremin spoke against the development and the height of one of the buildings.

The opening statement on behalf of LBRUT sets out the benefits of the development as a vital destination for residents and why the CPO is required. The development will create a new public realm, a revised Jubilee Gardens, offices, retail and new homes.

Ms Iyabo Johnson, associate director of Savills, reported on how the proposal meets planning requirements and law.

The trust representatives are cross-examining supporters’ statements and making their case for opposition to the CPO.

A former trustee, Sam Kamleh, stated that she felt that the trustees were acting contrary to the professional advice given to them. The resignations from the trust were in support of the scheme, not the position taken by the trust.

Another former Trustee, Sheila Hale, stated that the Trust had voted unanimously in favour of the Hopkins Architects proposal and this only changed when trustees stepped down and were replaced with opponents to the scheme. The trustees at this stage were extremely positive and excited by the proposal.

A disagreement on the third day became apparent with the legality of some of the evidence provided by the Riverside Trust nit being shown. Time lapse photography revealed peoples identities and would therefore not be shown in public because it breached the law.

The inquiry will continue in its second week with more representations from the supporters and objectors. The Riverside Trust will be able to present fully their objection to the proposals.




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