The approval of the Twickenham Riverside development by the LBRUT planning committee has not deterred its opponents.

The Twickenham Riverside Trustees who spoke at the special planning committee were Janine Fotiadis-Negroponte, Mark Brownrigg and Celia Hollman. None persuaded the committee of their views.

Several former members of the trust spoke in favour of the development and highlighted the role of the trust in supporting the proposal before the trustees changed.

Holding out for a change of direction, Trust chair, Ted Cremin said;

“The planning committee’s decision to vote to approve the Council’s scheme was a missed opportunity to address genuine concerns regarding the Wharf Lane building, safety, and the environment. The Council already have control of the derelict land and have had approval to remove parking from the Embankment for the past two years.

“Rather than focusing on this to deliver a genuine riverside garden improving on the existing public open space, the Council have approved their own plan to bulldoze the Diamond Jubilee Gardens, destroying 23 established trees, to erect a 5 storey, 21-metre tall Wharf Lane building just 10m from the river’s edge.


“We have asked Councillors to share a clear, full and logical explanation of how the Wharf Lane Building component of the application complies with the Twickenham Area Action Plan.


“While the Trust is disappointed with the result, we are inspired by the overwhelming public support to continue to protect and enhance public open space on the riverside. In just one week, over 2,500 people have signed our petition, nine times more than have supported the Council’s scheme on the planning portal in 12 months.”

“This support will continue to grow through next June’s public enquiry as we defend against the Council’s Compulsory Purchase Order of the public’s gardens. Getting it done is no excuse for getting it wrong. Thank you to all our supporters.”




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