This week we saw the first of three public consultations in The Arc launched, with appeals for the public to get involved- but what is the general feeling?

The Arc has been a talking point for years but in more recent years this  Conservative government got involved, and it has gained a much higher profile.

The first of the consultations seek to establish the general public’s opinions on the environment, economy, connectivity and infrastructure, and placemaking, to help aid the creation of the Arc’s Spatial Framework’s vision for the area to 2050.

Despite its potential benefits, such as becoming a ‘high-tech super cluster’, improving connectivity, building homes, and having a world-renowned hub outside of London, already there has been public disapproval towards the scheme, and its feasibility has been questioned.

This was proved with the cancellation of the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway, which was deemed to be unfeasible, as the projected costs of the project would outweigh the benefits

The East West Rail is still on track to become a reality, with a public consultation recently closed. Though, local residents in its proposed route are concerned about it, both for its local disruptions, environmental impact, and even whether it will actually bring any economic benefit to the area.

As with any project of this scale, there will always be those for and against it. Though, if the public consultation throws up too much negativity, there could be speculation as to whether or not the project will actually become a reality, or whether it will fall by the wayside, deemed unfeasible and unwanted by residents.

For many of our subscribers, The Arc is a no brainer given the potential for increased real estate activity and the opportunities created for UK plc.

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