There must be some benefits to being in a lockdown and not being able to network and share ideas with fellow travellers from across the property sector.

For UK Property Forums, it has been the ability to take a long view of the Berkshire property market and the projects which are planned, proposed or just a glint in a developer’s eye. 

In our exclusive document,  we have identified more than 20 of the most exciting projects in Berkshire.

We appreciate the term ‘most exciting’ is rather subjective but, for the sake of this article we have chosen them based on their scale and impact, strategic location, transport links and ambition. 

However, this was also inspired by the Government. Last week, housing secretary, Robert Jenrick, asked all mayors and Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) to submit ‘shovel-ready’ projects.

He said: “We are willing to consider exceptional, additional shovel-ready capital projects that can be delivered within 18 months.”

Projects, he said, ‘must deliver on two overarching objectives – driving up economic growth and jobs and supporting green recovery’.

For our LEPs which cover the Thames Tap region, this represents a real opportunity which needs to be grabbed. The Thames Valley region has an opportunity to identity shovel ready projects which could be constructed and help to encourage growth in the region. 

It begs the question; which projects would you choose and which projects would make the biggest change? 

Thames Tap – In the pipeline: Exclusive Information

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