Among the many claims, themes and (some might say) lies, presented by the various parties in the General Election run-up, one in particular from Boris Johnson, stuck out from the rest of the soundbites.

He talked about a ‘wall of cash’ waiting to be invested in the UK once the election is decided. And that raises questions for the Thames Valley which has arguably seen many investments put on hold or shelved.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that European tenants have placed many move decisions on hold and this has dampened down the Thames Valley occupier market.

During the last quarter, many property agents have reported poor levels of tenant activity along the M4 corridor as the election looms.

Other major Thames Valley schemes such as the Western Rail Link to Heathrow, Heathrow Airport expansion, HS2 and The Oxford-Cambridge Arc with its Expressway and East-West Rail proposals have all gone mysteriously quiet.

The Thames Valley market awaits with trepidation, the result of the General Election on Thursday and the potential arrival of the promised ‘wall of cash’ which might unlock these infrastructure schemes and re-invigorate the UK property, design and construction markets.

The Thames Valley has been on hold for too long and the arrival of a new Government will help to unlock investment and bring about a new golden age for the region.

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